20 juni 2023: Japans door chefs Misato & Izumi á €40 p.p.

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Misato & Izumi, a Japanese cooking Duo based in Den Haag, will welcome you to the delightful world of authentic Japanese home cooking and ultimately to a cozy Japanese home.

"一汁三菜(Ichijyu-Sansai)" is our secret sauce, capturing the essence of how we truly enjoy a meal in Japan. The literal translation is "One soup and 3 dishes" which describes the basic components of Japanese cuisine. Our dinner comes with rice, a main dish, two side dishes, soup, and dessert. However, it goes beyond its literal meaning. It's the unspoken rhythm of the Japanese dining experience, an instinctual way of savoring food that we want to share with you.

Using the freshest seasonal ingredients, we whip up dishes that satisfy not just your stomach, but also your heart. So, come as you are, and let's enjoy the simple pleasures of good food and great company.